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Boats for People

Again and again I hear the stories of the boats full with refugees and the catastrophes that happen when they try to cross the short distance between the African coast and Europe. The dreams of these people of a better life in the "paradise"  Europe are rarely fulfilled. They are not wanted. Many of them lose their lives while travelling in crowded boats, others are sent back immediately. On the other hand, we in Europe want every wealth, food or goods these countries have. This discrepancy between immensity on the one hand and narrow limits on the other is the subject of this work.

This series includes the objects "boats for people", which consist in fruit boxes that travel around the world and find open borders. On the other side, the paper ships made of Moroccan newspapers represent the anguish and vulnerability of the people for whom these borders are not open.

Another part of this series are the objects "seascapes" made of floating wood and old bicycle tubes. They lye in the sand and evoke associations with bones. They represent the drowned dead who regularly appear on the beaches of Europe and Africa