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A Hug in Times of Isolation

We live in an age of isolation and nationalism, in which walls are supposed to solve problems, from the American wall on the border to Mexico to the firewall that China is using to insulate itself from the West. Europe is building fences against refugees, walls and fences are stretching through the Middle East, Sudan, Korea, India. There are many reasons for this: wealth and poverty, race, religion, sexuality, politics, fear. To gather into groups and to perceive "the others" as a threat is deeply human (the group gives security, the others, strangers are threat) and inevitably leads to isolation. We find identity at the expense of others. The chair stands for peace: sitting as opposite to marching, belonging, having a place. When we sit, we talk, we think... The chair "hugs" the column, which stands for walls, borders, separation and for people separated by walls (clothes).