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XYZ is used in English as an acronym in text messages to say "examine your zipper".
It could also mean examine yourself before you expose and embarrass yourself.
In my work, the zipper is not on the pants, as the abbreviation XYZ suggests, but on the head. It is open and something comes out of the head that looks like brain mass.
By the constant search for scenes from our lives that we can spread on social media, we move away from our immediate environment and, ultimately, from ourselves. In every conceivable situation, we take out our mobile phone. And with each click we distance ourselves from our environment, from our feelings and from ourselves.
René Descartes said: We can doubt everything, God, heaven and hell, our sight or our own body. But because we doubt, we cannot doubt one thing: our existence. "Because it's a contradiction that what you think doesn't exist at the moment you think it," and he takes this equation to the simple and ingenious formula: "I think, therefore I am."

This idea is also found in a very old book, in the Bible:

More than anything else, pay attention to your thoughts, because they decide about your life.

(Proverbs 4:23)