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When you look at a painting, do not think only about what the painting, like all things of this world could be, or what many people want it to be. Painting can be everything. It can be a burst of sunlight in the middle of a snow fall. It can be a storm cloud. It can be the step of a man on his way to life, or stamping with the foot - why not - in order to say: stop, it is enough. It can be a gentle morning breeze of hope or a sharp breeze from a prison. It may be bloodstains of a wound or the song of a whole nation unter the blue or yellow sky.  Painting can be everything that we are: the today, the now, the ever.

I invite you to play, to look attentively. I invite you to think.

Antoni Tàpies

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Gloria Keller im alten Schlachthof Pforzheim

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